Booking a Newborn Photographer

Posted by Svetlana Boyko Photography on  January 12, 2020

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Booking a Newborn Photographer Tips

It’s best to photograph newborns while a baby is still very young. Ideally 6-10 days old. Why is that? Before 10 days or 2 weeks, a baby sleeps most of the time and is still not used to outside life. This allows the photographer to pose the newborn in various positions. When booking a newborn session, it’s recommended to call and discuss before birth so plans can be made with the photographer. While photographers can sometimes fit in newborn sessions after a baby is born, there is a risk that there will be no availability for the session.

How to book:

Once you’ve chosen a photographer that you like, you could be asked to pay deposit and then everyone waits for the birth. Since it’s hard to predict when your child will be born, the date and time is not set yet. When your baby is born and you’re texting all your relatives and friends, you should notify the photographer so a date and time can be made for the appointment. 

For my clients, a few days before your appointment, I send you a list of things to do and bring:

  • Extra diapers.
  • Baby Formula (double or triple amount that you normally feed) If you breastfeed, it’s ideal to have a bottle of breast milk ready for a smoother photography session.
  • Pacifiers are plus even you don’t give pacifiers to a baby. We might have to use once or twice.
  • Snack for mama or sibling(s).
  • It’s recommended to take any medication for caesarean section provided by your doctor to have better experience.
  • A change of clothing.

On the day of the newborn session, ideally your family will be well rested as the session can be 2-3 hours, possibly more  Each newborn session is unique and may be faster of slower. 


It is best for mom to pick clothing for the family in similar shades or tones and have a change of clothing for smaller siblings. Solid colors are suggested, simple shades work well and not a lot of patterns. I can help you to pick clothing if you need help. Baby needs to be dresses in pjs or a one piece something easier to take off when sleeping. The studio has all the clothing and props for newborn. 

Photo Order

  1. Family pictures and pictures of the smaller siblings if any.
  2. Mommy and Daddy pictures with the baby.
  3. Baby photos.

If one parent and smaller siblings wish to leave for a walk or store or park to keep other children entertained, that’s no problem. The baby may wake up during the session, may need changing, or feeding, we will work around these common expected interruptions. This is why the newborns sessions are very long. 

I strongly suggest not to do the following right before the session:

  • Try any new foods for breastfeeding moms
  • Give the baby any medicine
  • Receive shots from doctor
  • Give formula that baby never had before. 

All of the above may affect how the baby sleeps and various pictures or poses we will be able to achieve.

One parent always must be present with the photographer and the baby should never be left alone without a parent present. While shooting, I may use an assistant to help me with baby safety or mommy / daddy will have to do this. Everything is explained at the session and does not require anything extra for the parents to know .


While I do my best to accommodate any wishes in poses or certain props, it is not a guarantee we will get it as to each newborn is completely different and one may like or not like some things.

Where I buy my props

I use various vendors that do newborn clothing, wooden props, and other things may need to create gorgeous images. Clothing is washed after each session to make sure that it’s clean for next use. Some props are never used again depending on accidents and so on. Clothing for newborns are all hand made, baby friendly, and made from organic soft materials that’s friendly to baby skin. If your baby have any allergies that you know of, you need to notify the photographer.

After the session you can expect you gorgeous images within 4 -5 weeks of the session, sometimes sooner. If the baby is premature or had any issues in hospital or jaundice you need to tell the photographer as some poses may not be done.