Hi! I'm Svetlana

I first discovered my passion for photography while on the journey of motherhood. After the birth of my first child, I began taking photos so that my family in Russia could see the growth of my baby boy. This awoke a passion in me for taking photos of the joy in everyday life, and in particular the energy and spirit of children. As I continued to take pictures for friends and my first clients, I discovered a talent for capturing the moments that every parent wants to remember.

Instead of taking formal, posed photos, I take natural photos filled with energy and life. The approach I take for each photo shoot is customized to the family's personality and style, giving you photos unlike any other. Using different angles and natural lighting, I highlight the visual interest of each setting. Taking photos of children and families is my passion, and I find unique ways to bring out the personality of each child or family member. Whether it is the sparkle of love in a parent’s eye or the excitement of a child seeing a new toy for the first time, these moments become unique photos you can treasure forever. As a parent, you can feel comfortable that your children are safe with a professional photographer like me, a mother of two and loves children of all ages.

I am certified in newborn safety in both Russia and the United States. I have completed many training sessions and photography classes to help elevate my art. Using the latest models of top rated equipment, I can create unique photos in any situation.

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Use my contact form, e-mail me at this address: svetlana.boyko@yahoo.com,
or give me a call at (229) 299-7094. I’d love to hear from you!