Who am I and why I do what I do.

I am a mother of 2 great kids and my obsession with photography started when my first child was born.

I say OBSESSION that it is absolutely the correct world.

I am obsessed with delivering better quality pictures no matter what the challenges come my way.

Most of my clients are repeat ones and constantly refer me or suggest to others.

I do have and own a lot of different kind of lenses that design to be used for different things. ( inside , outside, close up , real estate and so own) You simply can’t use one for every single scenario.

I completed numerous classes and workshops in USA or abord , I constantly look for improvement and I constantly find new creative ideas to deliver nothing but WoW effect to my clients. Exactly the WOW is what I always want in my pictures.


I do NOT have another job but photograph kids and families. Why is that and why it is important to me?

I absolutely think that if you do all the way you can achieve great things. I can focus on better on business and my clients and deliver better and greater pictures.


I have unique way with kids. It is not enough to sit there and say “cheese” . Simply not. I am a master of capturing real similes for kids and tell parents simple instructions so we can achieve an amazing pictures and emotions.

All this done to remove questions/ uncertainty from your session. So we can create priceless memories.

I do control clothing in my photo sessions. Why is that? Simply because it adds to your pictures with great colors and clothing styles. I work with you to make sure we on same page.


This knowledge came to me with experience that CAN’T be taught in school or classes.

As always thank you for your refferals  and love it does mean a lot to me and my business.






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