Wedding/Event Photography

Wedding and event pictures are best to plan ahead of time. The more time you allow yourself for this, the best outcome will be. The basic process I would need to know location of the event, how many people you are expecting and what are you looking to capture. Once I have that information, I would gladly offer the quote and go into details with what we’re able to do. Deposit required to book a date and contract. Once this is done I will contact you a few days before the event to go over the details and make sure scedulle for the event is still the same and details have not changed.

To start free consultation to understand the wedding / event schedule and your goals and important moments you like to be captured.  No event too small or too big.

First communions, child birthdays, engagements , family reunions, graduation and else. I would be happy to show galleries of work for interested event I have done.